Vacation Approved Activewear

Lisa McCluskey

Today's blog post comes from Arrow Activewear's owner, Lisa!

We all love our activewear, whether it's for working out, lounging, at work, at play, or on vacation! Recently I went to Cuba with some girlfriends to celebrate our 30th birthdays! As most of you can probably guess, my suitcase was mostly filled with pieces from Arrow. I tested everything in my suitcase to make sure it was vacation approved! (My suitcase was a whopping 20.5kg...but I wore it all!)

First, let's talk plane outfits. I wanted to be comfortable for our travel day but still not look like I was wearing pajamas at the airport. I picked out the One Tooth Running Leggings for their high rise, the Free Label Johnny Tee so I was covered up, and the MPG Valencia Hoodie because it's so comfy and warm.

Cuba was super hot and humid, so we spent a ton of time at the beach or pool. This calls for a lot of cover ups! This is going to be a long list since I couldn't pick a favorite cover up. The Betty Tank from Free Label is an easy go to for me. It's long and covers your front and back. Sometimes I just wore this by itself, or with shorts. The Metron Dress from MPG is also super easy to wear and can also be dressed up for lunch or dinner if need be! The Peggy Tank from Karma looks really cute with it's low sides so your bathing suit can show out the sides. My shorts and sports bra from Body Glove were perfect as they are both crossover pieces! I could wear them with a tank walking around the resort or into the ocean for a swim. (Body Glove Hang Tight Sports Bra and Buck Up Shorts pictured)


We did a day trip into Havana and I was so torn on what to wear! I needed to be comfortable and cool during the trip, but still wanted to look cute for all the photos that were sure to be taken! I decided on the Free Label Trail Tank and the Tonic Lifestyle Apparel Maya Crop. The tank and crops were both covered up enough so I wouldn't get too much sun but light enough that I wasn't overheating. A friend of mine also wore her MPG Electrolyte Hot Shorts and loved that they were high waisted and stayed in place while we were touring all day. (Free Label Trail Tank and Maya Crop, second from right. MPG Electrolyte shorts, far left)

"A new dress doesn't get you anywhere, it's the life you're living in that dress" - Diana Vreeland

What are you living in your active and lifestyle wear? Any pieces that you love for vacations? I would love to hear about them! 

xo Lisa

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